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Beet And Feta Salad With Balsamic Vinegar

Beet And Feta Salad With Balsamic Vinegar

2 large Beetroot
3 cups Spinach
1/2 cup Feta Cheese
1/2 cup Walnuts
3 tbsp Warm Honey

  • Pour your Balsamic Vinegar into a bowl the add the warmed honey, it's best to warm it in the microwave. Preferably use natural honey (most European markets sell the real stuff)
  • Mix well and add a pinch of salt and pepper along with your peeled roasted garlic and smash it before putting into the dressing. Then pour over your salad.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Wrap the beets with the skin on in aluminum foil and place on the medium shelve in oven.
  • etc

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